Great Belize Sites


Sometimes it can be hard to find good information on Belize, well here you go.

Any and all information on San Ignacio, Belize all in one place. If you can’t find it here, you probably won’t find it anywhere.

The Dreamer Farm

If you are looking to move down to Belize, here is a great 13 acre piece of property that is for sale by owner and located in Bullet Tree Falls, Belize.

The Chaya Garden Ashram

Come get your Yoga on. The Chaya Garden Ashram is right near the Mopan River in Benque Viejo del Carmen Belize. They have regular yoga classes and meditation sessions. See the site for a full listing of retreats and classes.

For Sale By Owner – Paradise on the River

Bullet Tree Falls is one of the fastest growing towns is Belize. It’s on the Mopan River, it’s safe and getting very hard to find property in. Take a look at Paradise on the river.

Maximum Adventure Tours, Belize

Tour companies don’t get much better than this one. Maximum Adventure Tours can get you to all the popular spots like Actun Tunichil Muknal and the ones you’ve never hear of like Twin Cave. They can get you where you want to be.

Red Roof Property Management

Red Roof Property Management deals with all aspects of property other than selling it. They offer Vacation Rentals, House Rentals and Property Owners Services.

Forest Park Gated Community

Forest Park Gated Community is a property development in Belmopan, Belize. If you are looking to move to Belmopan, Belize, and don’t want to get woken up by chickens, then look no further than Forest Park.

Flores, Guatemala’s newest site

Flores is a great little colonial town on an island, with good food and nice people. It’s takes a bout 2 hrs. to get there from Benque Viejo del Carmen, Belize (the border town near San Ignacio, Belize). It’s a great day trip.

What is Belize Travel

They provide relocation, study abroad, volunteering, and business services in Belize. That’s what Belize travel is – your trip made easy.

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