About Belize Transportation Services – Your Belize Shuttle Service

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Belize Transportation Services was created to bring professionalism, personal service, and reliability to the Belize shuttle world. Unfortunately, Belize is a country where buses aren’t allowed near borders or airports, allowing taxis to charge visitors to Belize super inflated rates to places only a few minutes away. Booking a shuttle with Belize Transportation Services is a cost effective and reliable transportation option. No matter where you’re heading from or where you’re shuttling to, Belize Transportation is the best service for you.

The Company was started in 2010 by Mr. Denfield Gomez. He is originally form the southern most district of Belize – Toledo. As a child he left the south and moved west to the Cayo district. He began his driving career as a taxi driver and now, 15 years later, he is the head of Belize Transportation Services. He and his staff are all very friendly, reliable and make your needs their #1 priority. Oh, and if you happen to meet him, he prefers to go by Denny (Belize isn’t so much on the formalities).

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All drivers for Belize Transportation Services are licensed, with clean driving records. The company meets all regulations put forward by the Belize Government for shuttle services and it also carries passenger insurance (which it has never had to use).

If you want to get where you are going safely, quickly and hassle free, with Belize Transportation Services, that’s the way it’ll be.

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